Domestic Equity

Invest in the growth potential of domestic companies with our comprehensive domestic equity solutions, designed to maximize returns and manage risks effectively.

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Domestic Equity

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Our Core Principles
  • Investment Philosophy

    We're committed to simplifying wealth creation while fostering trust and transparency. Our approach emphasizes dynamic portfolio monitoring, steering clear of short-term fixation.

  • Investment Strategy

    We strive for long-term growth by investing in high-caliber companies using our robust proprietary research methodology, grounded in solid investment principles.

  • Shorts & Hedges

    Our strategies offer downside protection during market downturns and aim to generate additional returns.

  • Portfolio Construction

    We adopt a bottom-up approach, crafting multi-cap and sector-agnostic portfolios with concentrated positions in 15-25 carefully selected stocks.

  • Expert Guidance for Enhanced Performance

    Elevate your returns with AIWS's Premium Wealth Management Service.

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The Path to Successful Investing

Our focus lies in identifying wealth compounders through a long-term perspective. We believe in mitigating risk to capitalize on upside potential. Our investments primarily target larger, liquid stocks with a maximum weightage of 10% per stock.

  • Defining the Universe

    We target the top 700 publicly traded companies by market capitalization listed on the National Stock Exchange of India.

  • Research Approach

    Our team conducts comprehensive research to establish screening criteria, eliminating stocks based on predefined factors.

  • Constituent Screening

    Stock selection is driven by a quantitative and qualitative model, considering various factors to ensure quality investments.

AIWS's Investment Process

Stock Selection

  • - Market Capitalization > Rs 10,000 crore
  • - Fundamental screeners employed
  • - Qualitative factors assessed
  • - Technical analysis for final validation

Capital Allocation

  • - Portfolio typically comprises 15-25 stocks
  • - Weight per stock ranges from 3-10%
  • - Sector allocation capped at 20%

Risk Management

  • - Rigorous quality filters for stock selection
  • - Portfolio-level stop-loss set at 20%
  • - Implementation of hedging strategies

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