International Equity

Explore global investment opportunities with our international equity solutions, offering diversification and potential growth beyond domestic markets.

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International Equity

Elevate Your Portfolio from Local to Global with AIWS

Embark on Your International Investment Journey

Why Invest in International Equity?
  • Stocks and ETFs

    Access over 5,000 globally renowned companies.

  • Curated Portfolios

    Explore ready-to-select portfolios meticulously crafted by experts.

  • Top-Performing Funds

    Choose from curated large funds with a track record of reliable performance.

  • Optimized Cash Management

    Unlock the potential of our International Savings & Investment Account.

Don't Let Local Investments Limit Your Global Aspirations
  • Expand Your Horizons

    Diversify your portfolio and uncover opportunities beyond geographical boundaries.

  • Seize Global Opportunities

    Identify and capitalize on exceptional prospects across global markets and sectors.

  • Grow with Industry Leaders

    Experience unparalleled growth potential by investing in globally recognized and established brands.

  • Start Small, Aim High

    Think investing in global stocks demands substantial capital? Think again. Begin by purchasing fractional shares with minimal investment.

Unlock the Power of Global Investing with AIWS

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