Investment Planning

Maximize your financial potential with personalized investment planning solutions designed to secure your future and achieve your long-term goals effectively.

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Investment Planning

Let’s Turn Your Idle Savings Into Profitable Investments With Our 360 Degree Investment Solutions.

Private Wealth Management

A perfect hybrid blend of a human advisor touch, powered with a digital platform to cater to HNIs who need exclusive Do-It-For-You services.

Risk Management

Capability to provide tailored protection and risk management solutions to mitigate the risk exposures.

Equity Offerings

A comprehensive range of equity investment options supported by an expert advisory to enhance effectiveness and profitability.

Tax Management

Delivering comprehensive tax planning solutions that include individual taxation, business taxation, NRI taxation, domestic taxation, capital gain taxation, and advance taxation.

Debt Investments

Guided investments in fixed-income generating investment options like corporate bonds, government securities, treasury bills, commercial paper, etc.

Innovative Products

Expertise in providing exclusive and novel investment opportunities through unique sourcing and value-creation vantages.

Alternate Investments

Discovering exclusive opportunities that cater to a niche market and have the potential to deliver higher alpha.

Offshore Investing

Expertise in identifying and advising beneficial investment opportunities across global markets.

Private Wealth Management Solutions

    Our in-house equity research desk focuses on investing in companies with predictable and consistent earnings and can typically generate above-average earnings growth over more extended periods. We arrive at a portfolio strategy after a complete need analysis designed to meet an individual's requirements and financial goals.
    Our team of global experts, through their thorough research and enriching experience, specialise in providing end-to-end advisory in the real estate segment across the globe, along with spotting niche investment opportunities on a complete and/or shared ownership basis.
  • DEBT
    Our strong network with various banks, treasuries, and asset management companies enables us to offer many fixed-income investment opportunities at attractive prices across the yield curve.
    Our strong network in the group-level ecosystem enables us to provide differentiated investment opportunities in private markets across diversified asset classes like debt, real estate, private equity, new-age investments & other innovative opportunities.

Equity Offerings

Private Equity

Structured Product

Offshore Investments

Other Direct Investment

  • Private Equity
  • Early identification of leaders in the emerging market.
  • Novel opportunities in high-growth companies.
  • Association with dynamic and innovative entrepreneurs.
  • In-house research with tailored solutions.
  • Analysis based on qualitative and quantitative parameters.
  • Fintoo’s exclusively curated, research-based structured product solutions.
  • Access to various opportunities in diversified markets across the globe.
  • Provides hedge against exchange & economic risk.
  • Tax-efficient structured product solutions.
  • Direct Mutual Funds.
  • Direct Portfolio Management Services.
  • Direct equity-oriented Alternative Investments Funds (AIF).

Debt Investments

  • Market Linked Debentures

    Investing in highly tax-efficient hybrid instruments could be either with principal protection or without principle protection.

  • Exclusive Bond Deals

    Expertise in getting the best deals on bonds in the industry with the help of our vast network of banks, treasuries, and asset management companies.

  • Debt Warehousing

    Providing short-term opportunities to park surplus liquid and benefiting from periodic coupons through Debt warehousing.

  • Direct Debt PMS & Mutual Funds

    Unbiased advisory in Mutual Funds and Portfolio Management services across various maturities and top-rated bonds for secured and steady returns.

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